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Making Your Sailing Dreams Come True

Coastal Navigation (105)

No Experience or sail training required. This is a course that will enhance any future sailing you do by helping you find your way safely.


This course will allow you to:


  • Develop your competency in visual navigation
  • Plot fixes to establish your actual position
  • Plot Dead Reckoning courses to sail
  • Make course corrections based on established fix
  • Take bearings with a handbearing compass
  • Identify and correct for set and drift conditions


Prerequisites: None


Atlanta – Coastal Navigation (105) – $395.00


Session 1Lake Lanier (3-day Classroom Course)January 12, 19, 26
Session 2Lake Lanier (3-Day Classroom Course)July 11, 18, August 1
Session 3Lake Lanier (3-Day Classroom Course)November 7, 14, December 5



Pensacola – Coastal Navigation (105) – $350.00


Home Study Course – Work at your own pace, then call to schedule your written test.


Option:  Home-study, plus 2 hrs. instruction $425.00.  Call (850) 432-3199.


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