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Making Your Sailing Dreams Come True

Our Sailing Club

Feel like a boat owner without the cost of buying a boat, insuring it, paying for dockage, and maintaining it.

The Passport Sailing Club at Lake Lanier helps you make the transition from Basic Keelboat (Beginner Course) to skipper of a yacht.

Our club fleet provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Continue to build your sailing skills
  • Entertain the family, friends and associates.
  • Meet and sail with sailors of all backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Sail different types of boats
  • Free continuing education clinics
  • and much more!

As a club member you will NOT have any of the expense of owning a boat. You will NEVER miss a beautiful sailing day having to repair or maintain a boat. And never have additional expenses such as a boat mortgage, insurance, taxes, fuel, slip fees or maintenance.

Our sailing club offers you a fantastic chance for almost unlimited sailing at 20% of the annual cost of boat ownership.

Atlanta’s Passport Sailing Club

Think it’s too good to be true? Think again! It’s easy, fun and affordable. Please give us a call at 770-945-8810 to find out more.

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