Making Your Sailing Dreams Come True Starts with Our Sailing Classes

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  • Learning to sail in 3 days
  • Spending more than 90% of the class is conducted on-the-water
  • Earning certification recognized by sailboat rental companies in the US and worldwide.

We’ve perfected the formula for teaching the art of sailing while having fun

Our Outstanding Sailing School awards are proof along with the many students who join our sailing club after completing sailing classes over the past 48 years.

  • Earn certification to operate sailboats big enough to comfortably take to 5 friends and family as your crew or guest.
  • Our fleet of sailboats are available after your class to allow you to practice and refine your newfound skills as the skipper. You can either rent a boat or join one of our sailing clubs to enjoy unlimited sailing.
  • Our dock staff is ready with answers, tips and tricks — and great sailing stories. And our club members do the same.

We take your education seriously while the fun we have along the way is legendary.

  • ASA Outstanding School Award — 5 Times
  • ASA Outstanding Instructor Award — 9 Times

*These represent “Top 1% in the US” so you know you’ll have a great experience and great results.

New to sailing?

Our 3-day class has proven as effective as it is fun.

Former sailors who need a refresher or fine tuning find our 2-day sailing class is an ideal alternative.

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