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Making Your Sailing Dreams Come True

Over the last 51 years, we have perfected the formula for “Teaching the Art of Sailing While Having Fun,” earning many Outstanding School of the Year awards from the American Sailing Association.

Over the last 51 years, we have perfected the formula for “Teaching the Art of Sailing While Having Fun,” earning many Outstanding School of the Year awards from the American Sailing Association.

A true beginner transforms into a Skipper


At Lanier Sailing Academy, we take you as a true beginner and transform you into an experienced skipper able to operate medium sized sailboats on lakes and bays for day sailing.  Our sailing lessons for beginners, Basic Keelboat Course , will certify you to operate sailboats big enough to comfortably take friends and family as your crew.

A Skipper perfects their sailing techniques


After your initial sailing lessons (Basic Keelboat-101) are completed, we provide a fleet of sailboats that will allow you to perfect your sailing skills. You can either rent a boat or join our sailing club. Our sailing club members enjoy unlimited sailing with the knowledge that additional instruction is only one question away — at just a fraction of the cost of sailboat ownership. We encourage new skippers to participate in free continuing education via our club clinics and activities

Also, as a Passport Sailing Club member, you will now be able to participate in our “Free Coastal Sailing Program” onboard our Catalina 42 and sail with one of our senior instructors offshore in the Atlantic Ocean off the Georgia Coast.  You’ll sail by Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Islands over a four day weekend.  Yes, believe it or not, we said free!

For the Skipper with bigger sailing dreams




After completing the Basic Keelboat 101 class and gaining some experience aboard our class boats, you’re now ready to make the move up to our larger cruising boats (27’ to 35’).  You can complete our Basic Coastal Cruising 103 course in just 3 days on Lake Lanier.  This second level course will build on your basic sailing skills and help you to step up to our larger cruising boats.  You’ll add to your knowledge and experience covering subject matter like, big boat systems, docking, anchoring, advance sail trim and basic navigation all while having fun.  If you’re a member of The Passport Sailing Club, after completion of this course you will be able to take out all of the boats in our fleet (22’ to 35’).

To help you complete your sailing resume you can also take our third level course, Bareboat Certification 104 on Lake Lanier.  This course will prepare you to charter a large sailboat somewhere in paradise. During this 3 day class you’ll become proficient and comfortable with diesel engines, electrical system, plumbing system, propane stoves, running rigging as well as more docking, anchoring, navigation and big boat chartering tips.


American Sailing Association classes
Lanier Sailing Academy provides certifications/ curriculums from the American Sailing Association.

Why Choose Us?

  • In Business for 51 years

  • ASA Outstanding School Award, 5 Times

  • ASA Outstanding Instructor Award, 9 Times

  • Maximum of 3 students per boat for BKB-101 classes

  • Guaranteed to pass BKB-101 course

We take your education seriously

while the fun we have along the way is legendary.

With a variety of weather patterns, Lake Lanier is a great and convenient place to learn the ropes of sailing !  If you can, stop by our dock for a visit and you’ll see how “we enjoy making your sailing dreams come true”.  Or just give us a call.  We love to talk about sailing and answer any questions you may have.  You can contact us at 770-945-8810 or “”.

Sailing lessons on beautiful Lake Lanier, Atlanta, Georgia
Located on the beautiful waters of Lake Lanier, Georgia