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Making Your Sailing Dreams Come True

Passport Sailing Club

Don’t Own A Boat? Join The Club!

The Passport Sailing Club helps you make the transition, from learning to sail to skipper of a yacht, easy! Unlimited sailing, on our fleet boats up to 32 feet provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Continue your growth & learning, as a sailor.
  • Entertain the family, friends and associates.
  • Meet and sail with club members of all backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Over 100 free clinics each year
  • 12 races/regattas each year

Best of all is NOT having:

  • The expense of owning a boat.
  • To sail the same boat every week.

Members don’t worry about the cost of a boat mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance, fuel and slip fees.

How to Join:

It’s easy. Simply complete the Basic Keelboat Certification and you qualify for membership.
A reasonable “one time” initiation fee, annual dues and a small monthly fee puts you aboard for lots of fun, sailing, educational and social activities.

2021 Fee Schedule for The Passport Sailing Club:

One time Initiation fee $1,200 ($600 for LSA students)

Annual Dues $200 (Once a year to renew membership)

Monthly Dues $ 199



Monthly: $ 1599.00 to Start and Auto Pay on Credit Card $ 199.00 for 11 Months.

Full Year Lump Sum: $ 3589.00  (Includes One Month Discount of  $ 199.00)



Monthly: $999.00 to Start and Auto Pay on Credit Card $ 199.00 for 11 Months.

Full Year Lump Sum: $ 2,989.00  (Includes One Month Discount of  $ 199.00)


This is a one year commitment.

Discount initiation fee to students who join immediately upon completion of class with Lanier Sailing Academy.

“Docklines”, The Passport Sailing Club’s monthly official newsletter, contains articles for improving your sailing experience along with current information on up and coming club clinics and special events. An archive of our old newsletters can be found here. If you want to receive them via email as soon as they come out then sign up here


Also, as a Passport Sailing Club member, you will now be able to participate in our “Free Coastal Sailing Program” onboard our Catalina 42 and sail with one of our senior instructors offshore in the Atlantic Ocean off the Georgia Coast. You’ll sail by Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Islands over a four day weekend. Yes, believe it or not, we said free!

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