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Frequently Asked Questions

Sailing Course Questions

I’m new to sailing. How do I get started?

We offer a 3-day beginners course, Basic Keelboat 101, that will prepare you to be a skipper of a 22 to 25 foot sail boat on lakes and bays. The class is $585 per person.

Lanier Sailing Academy “Guarantees” your ASA Basic Keelboat Certification. In the event you do not pass our BKB-101 3-day course within the scheduled course completion date, we will provide additional instruction until you have certified, at no cost to you. Additional instruction will be available Monday through Friday. (This guarantee only applies to the 3 Day Basic Keelboat Course)

I have some sailing experience, but I am not certified.

 We also offer a 2-day Basic Keelboat 101 course for folks that have “some” recent sailing experience (at least 10 trips). The 2-day Basic Keelboat course is $485 per-person.


If you are not sure if you have enough experience for the 2-day course then take the 3-day course. The 3-Day Basic Keelboat is an extra full day on the water and comes with LSA’s guarantee that you will pass (the guarantee does not apply to the 2-day course, so make sure you know your stuff!). The 3-Day Basic Keelboat course is $585 per-person.

Will I be stuck in a classroom all day?
More than 80% of your instruction will be on the water with less than 20% in the classroom. We believe that hands on instruction is the best way to learn the sport of sailing. You will be onboard and sailing the very first day.
How do I know that Lanier Sailing Academy is a quality organization?

We have received The Outstanding School of the Year Award from The American Sailing Association five times. This award is given to the top 25 schools out of 300 worldwide each year. Also, our instructors have received the Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award from The American Sailing Association nine times (Top 30 instructors out of 2,500 worldwide). These awards were earned by Lanier Sailing Academy and our instructors via confidential surveys from our customers directly to The American Sailing Association.

We’ve been teaching the art of sailing since 1969 and are the oldest continually operated sailing school in the South.

What if I struggle with the Basic Keelboat course and need more training than the three days allocated?

Lanier Sailing Academy is proud to be the only sailing school in the South that offers a guaranteed certification. Most students can complete/pass our Basic Keelboat course within three (3) days.

In the event you need more instruction (on the water or classroom) we will bring you back for more training at no additional cost until you pass. Additional training must be scheduled for weekday usage. Guarantee is good for our three day BKB-101 course only.

I’ve heard that some sailing schools are attempting to teach as many as six students onboard the boat at a time. Do you have a maximum student teacher ratio for your on the water sessions ?

We have a maximum of three (3) students per boat, per instructor for our Basic Keelboat 101 adult courses.

Is there a pre-course reading assignment?

Yes, we ask that you read our Sailing Made Easy text book prior to your first day of training. This course book is an interesting and interactive read that typically takes about three hours. Your pre-course reading assignment and viewing the online e-course reduces your required classroom time and allows you to spend over sixteen (16) hours of sailing fun onboard our boats.

What type of sail boats are used for the Basic Keelboat course?

All of our locations use Capri 22’s made by Catalina. These nimble boats have a heavy lead keel that allows for a stable instructional platform while also providing plenty of seating room for our students.

What if Lanier Sailing Academy’s scheduled Basic Keelboat course dates will not work with my family & business calendar?

We do offer a Private Lesson Option for our Basic Keelboat course. You tell us when you can sail. Just give us a call to schedule and obtain a quote. 800-684-WIND (9463) OR (770) 945-8810.

What do I need to wear/bring for my on the water adventure?

We suggest you dress in layers. The mornings can be a little chilly and our afternoons can be a bit warm. Please bring foul weather gear (rain coat with pants) deck shoes or white sole sneakers, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a box lunch and a smile.

How can I register?

Just give us a call at 1-800-684-WIND (9463) or (770) 945-8810. On the phone we can complete your registration in just two minutes. Course materials will arrive in your mailbox within one week via USPS Priority Mail.

I am an experienced sailor I just need the certification

Take the ASA Challenge! We offer the challenge to experienced sailors Mon-Fri. $385. Please call to schedule (700) 945-8810.

How can I get more information?

You can call us directly (we love to talk sailing) at 770-945-8810 or email us at

Sailing Club Questions

Do I need to buy a boat to continue to sail?

Of course not! Our Sailing Club will help continue your education and hone your new found sailing addiction. We provide the boats, dockage, fuel, maintenance, insurance and dock instruction. You provide your friends and family as crew.

How much does it cost to join Lanier Sailing Academy's Passport Sailing Club?

Our sailing club is an affordable way to keep sailing and allows you access to our boats and clinics for 1 low monthly fee. We currently have boats from 22 feet to 32 feet in our fleet. Depending on your level of certification you will be able to sail a variety of our boats. At the completion of your Basic Keelboat class you will receive a free 4 hour sail and also a discount to join the Passport Sailing Club. Please feel free to give us a call at 770-945-8810 for more information.

I have this dream of owning a boat. How can the Sailing Club help with my dream?

The Passport sailing Club allows you to skipper several different types of boats with the goal of understanding your likes and dislikes of each boat. Our dock instructors can also assist you with understanding the numerous manufacturers and their various equipment and designs. We believe a more informed boat buyer is a happier boat owner. Join our club for a year and become an informed boat user/buyer.

How can I continue to learn more about sailing?

Our Sailing Club offer free clinics to our members. We provide continuing education via many types of clinics: docking, spinnaker, racing, anchoring , BKB review, coastal navigation, heavy weather sailing, celestial navigation. 

We also offer the Basic Coastal Cruising 103 and the Bareboat Charter 104 in an affordable 3 day class at Lake Lanier.

Where's the fun?

We do offer something other than education through various fun events such as: club regattas, dock parties/cookouts, captained full moon night sails, etc. The Passport Sailing Club has created a unique and custom approach to fun sailing events!

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