• No Rental Cap or additional fees!
  • Sail all year round
  • Bring your friends and family sailing for 20% the annual cost of owning and maintaining a boat!
  • Enjoy sailing a variety of boats 22’-42’!
  • Never have to pay to refill gas
  • Our friendly dock staff are also always available for additional sailing advice!


Continue to fall in love with sailing and achieve your sailing goals!

Members get unlimited access to our weekly free clinics on topics like:

  • Docking
  • Sail Trim
  • Chartering
  • 103 & 104 prep
  • Boat Ownership
  • Celestial Navigation
    & Many More!!

Regattas & Cookouts

Meet and sail with other members of all different experience levels at our monthly Regattas and famous club cookouts! We host 12 Regattas (Races) a year.

Free coastal cruise!

Club Members with ASA 104 Certification are invited to hop onboard our Catalina 42 and sail with one of our senior instructors off the Georgia Coast.

You’ll sail by Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island over a four day weekend. Yes, believe it or not, we said free!

We have sailed in the Chesapeake, the Keys, Greece, Croatia, Belize and 8 times in the BVI’s. Without Lanier Sailing Academy I could not have done it. You have made sailing less expensive, easier and more fun than owning my own boat. Having Lanier as my home base we have been able to charter around the world never having to pay dock fees, insurance bills, maintenance costs, depreciation or any of the other expenses of owning a boat. Doing it the Lanier Sailing way is cheaper, more fun and far more flexible than owning my own boat.

-Warren. E

Membership Pricing


(one time only)


(recurs each year)


(every month for 12 months)

Must have at least ASA Basic Keelboat 101 certification to join the Passport Sailing Club

Monthly plan


(Initiation + Annual Due + 1st Month)


(for 12 months)


Annual plan


(Initiation + Annual Due + 11 Months)


Students who take their Basic Keelboat Certification 101 with us get a $600 discount on membership!

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When I moved to Atlanta from the coast of New England many years ago. The things I missed the most were the ocean and sailing. Then I found Lanier Sailing Academy and the Passport Sailing Club. What a stroke of good luck. You’ve been my refuge, my fun, my sanity, my social group, my family of friends for almost 20 years.

-Richard. H


Your first year with the Passport Sailing Club is a full year commitment.

After your first year with the club you can leave at anytime.


Passport Sailing Club Members who complete Basic Coastal Cruising 103 are certified to sail every boat in our fleet!
Passport Sailing Club Members who complete Bareboat Cruising 104 are eligible for a free 4 day cruise off the Georgia Coast!